Recipes — pork

Annie Kuster

Alder Planked Pork Roast with Brown Sugar, Bourbon and Balsamic Glaze

For the tastiest results, purchase a bone-in roast. Leaving bones in the roast preserves a rich and pronounced porky flavor, which is lost when they are removed. Due to the size of the roast, this recipe requires a relatively long time on the grill. When we grilled our pork roast, we burned through two alder planks in the process, so have two or three planks soaked, ready to go, along with your spray bottle of water to douse the inevitable flare-ups.  Alder smoke turns the glazed roast a fantastic color, and infuses it with delicate and earthy smoke.  Ingredients: 4-5 lb center cut bone in pork loin roast 2 or...

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