Alder Grilling Planks

Alder Grilling Planks

Alder Grilling Planks have many uses. They are commonly used with Whitefish, Seafood, Vegetables, Fruit and more! Browse our selection of Alder Grilling Planks today.

Additional Alder Grill Plank Information

Let it be known, Cedar isn’t the only wood that works well for planking food. Alder grilling planks are becoming much more popular over time. The reason is because it pairs so well with so many different foods and doesn’t give “too strong” of a flavor.

Not unlike cedar, alder grill planks are mostly used with salmon and other fish. You may find that whitefish is particular tasty when cooked on alder wood as well. Seafood, vegetables and fruit are other popular foods that grill well on alder.

Alder Planks can be used with charcoal grills, gas grills, and even be used in the oven. No matter your cooking method, be sure to always have a spray bottle on hand. 

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