Maple Grilling Planks

Maple Grilling Planks

Pair the sweet taste of maplewood with pork chops and applesauce for a dinner that doesn't even need dessert.

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Additional Maple Grill Plank Information

It’s no secret that maple and pork go hand in hand. However, the majority of people have not experienced the wonderful flavor of pork that has been grilled on a maple grilling plank. You would be hard-pressed to find a more natural, sweet flavor than what is produced from maple grilling planks.

Most people also do not realize how easy it really is to grill on a plank! It really is as easy as soaking the plank in warm water for 15-20 minutes, putting your food on top of it, and then basically cooking as normal. Your dinner guests will be asking when you became such a good chef.

Maple Grilling Planks also pair nicely with cheeses, pineapple and other fruits. If you have been wanting to give maple planks a try, now is the time to do it, especially at our rock bottom prices.

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