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Spice, Wrap and Plank Gift Sets

Spice, Wrap and Plank Gift Sets

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Spice Rub

This gift set contains 10 cedar planks, 8 premium cedar grilling wraps and your choice of 1 of Wildwood Grilling's spice rubs.

This is the perfect gift set for any griller in your life. Whether they're a grilling rookie or seasoned pro, these products should be a staple in any griller's life.

The planks and wraps are certified food safe, and made from sustainably sourced Western Red Cedar from right here in the USA. 

Spice Rub Options (You receive 1 of your choice) -

Rib Rub #6 - This spice rub is great with beef and pork ribs, other red meats, veggies and much more. Provides a sweet and savory blend of smoked paprika, garlic and brown sugar with a pop of thyme and black pepper.

American Jerk - This spice rub is great on red meats, fish, vegetables and more. Mildly spicy and sweet, with a deep undertone of earthy espresso.

Hippie Gold - Great on fish, vegetables, popcorn and much more. Features aromatic turmeric, rosemary and thyme. These herbs boast numerous health benefits.

Boom Boom Chicken - Perfect for chicken, turkey, vegetables and much more. A blend of szechuan, paprika, garlic and brown sugar will be sure to entice with a more forward thinking pepper combination.

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