The Best Recipes for July 4th

4 Recipes to Try this July 4th

Camping out for some holiday grilling? Why not plank the whole meal? Here are four recipes to make 4th of July the tastiest holiday this summer!


Red, White, and Blue Brie

Stay festive with the snacks.

Brie Cheese on a Cedar Grilling Plank

Main Course:

Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Go traditional with a twist and put cheese INSIDE your cedar planked burger.

Cheeseburger on a Hickory Grilling Plank



Portobello Mushrooms

Not just a mushroom, this side covers all your bases: veggies, on veggies, on mushrooms.

Portobello Mushrooms on a Cedar Grilling Plank


Festival Peaches

Pack up some ice cream and tote along some peaches for this one-of-a-kind cedar planked dessert. It's never a let-down.

Peaches on a Cedar Grilling Plank

Need help getting it all put together? Here’s an all-around shopping list for your 4th of July BBQ, courtesy of us.

Independence Day Cedar Planking Grocery List

Download PDF

Tip from the Cook: Don't bother trying to tell a hickory plank from a cedar one. You can substitute any plank in these recipes and they'll taste just as good!


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