Red Oak Grilling Planks

Red Oak Grilling Planks

Red Oak Grilling Planks pair well with Beef, Wild Game, Pork, Lamb and Fish. Browse our selection of Red Oak Planks. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

Additional Red Oak Grill Plank Information

Red oak grilling planks (also known as Red Heart Oak) can be used with a variety of foods. The most popular choices include beef, pork, lamb and fish. Red oak planks are also widely used with wild game and other meats that have more of a gamey taste.

There are a few species of oak that can be used for grilling. Red Oak has more of a “medium” hardness, allowing it to give off better flavor, easier. Our red oak grilling planks are sustainably sourced, manufactured and packaged here in the United States. You can be rest-assured knowing that we never use any additives, chemicals or dyes.

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