Chef's Gift Guide: What to buy a chef or adventurous home cook

We asked our executive chef, Matt, what some good gifts would be for a chef or an adventurous home cook. Gifts under $25, gifts under $50, gifts under $100 and an "expensive" item. Here were his answers:

3 items $25 and under:

1. Cedar or alder grilling wraps from Wildwood Grilling Outlet


2. Knife sharpening whetstone
knife sharpener

3. Navaris Diamond sharpening steel
sharpening diamond


3 items $50 and under:

1. Lodge seasoned cast iron skillet
lodge skillet

2. Cuisinart 4 cup elemental food processor
food processor
3. Our very own Plank Master Essentials kit

plank master essentials


2 items $100 and under:

1. Thermapen Mk4 from Thermaworks - Waterproof
thermapen mk4
2. Wolf and Grizzly M1 Grill Kit

wolf and grizzly grill

1 expensive item:

Imersa, Imersa Elite or Perfecta Sous Vide Units from Vesta Precision.

vesta imersa
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