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How to use wood chunks for smoking

Using smoking chunks is a great way to add smokey flavor to your foods. But how do you use them? Continue reading to find out:

The purpose of using smoking chunks
How to use smoking blocks
How to use them in a barrel smoker, pit smoker or charcoal grill
How to use in an open fire
Why our smoking blocks are superior
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What is the purpose of using smoking chunks, why not just use smoking chips?

If you are using a gas or electric smoker with the intent of fully cooking your food, wood chips work great. Smoking chunks, on the other hand, can be used as both a source of flavor, as well as a fuel source. Chunks are perfect for use in barrel smokers pit smokers and charcoal grills alike, which require the build-up of hot coals and embers.

Smoking chunks also burn longer, which means you don’t have to refuel as often. Opening a smoker lets out both precious smoke and heat.

How to use smoking blocks

The first question people normally ask, is “should I soak my wood chunks?” – Although it helps slow the rate of burn, soaking blocks before smoking can reduce BTU’s too much and is not recommended for larger cuts that need a low and slow cooking process. However, it is OK to soak blocks for smoking smaller, more delicate items such as seafood that require less cook time.

How to use in a barrel smoker, pit smoker or charcoal grill

We recommend starting your fire with charcoal or kindling to get those essential coals going. You can use chunks to do this, however most of the flavorful smoke will be burned off by the time you’re ready to add food. Add our smoking blocks moments before adding your food.


How to use in an open fire

Similar to the previous methods, get a fire started with kindling or firewood. Once your fire is ready, add smoking chunks to the flames just before placing your food on the grate. You can also make your entire fire out of smoking blocks, but why use more than you need?

The most common way to cook over an open fire is over a camp-fire. This type of cooking has been trending over the last several years. All you need are a few smoking blocks and an open-fire grill grate (optional).

Going to the beach or to a small get-together outdoors and don’t want to bring along a full-size grill? Grab some smoking chunks and a Smokey Joe or a portable roll-up grill and you’ll be ready to cook hot dogs and s'mores in no time.

maple smoking blocks

Why are our smoking blocks superior to traditional wood chunks?

Our smoking blocks are very similar to traditional wood chunks, but with several great improvements.

  • They are free of bark, which is great for 2 reasons: First, bark can contain molds, insects and other things which can contribute to bad flavors, and secondly, you aren’t paying for bark weight.
  • The uniform shape of blocks makes for convenient storage.
  • They are kiln-dried to burn more evenly, and sourced and manufactured in the US in food-safe facilities. You should feel at ease knowing your cooking products are food safe.

We offer several different flavors of smoking blocks at great prices!

We offer several different flavors of blocks, including Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Alder and Red Oak.
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