The Significance of Salmon

The Significance of Salmon: Guest Blog by Kara Berlin of Thunder's Catch

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Filleted on the rocking, slippery back deck of our boat, the F/V Thunder, just moments after being caught, fortifying pursuit with our own Wild Alaska Sockeye is such a welcome treat, but it’s also so much more than a meal. With tired eyes and cold, stiff hands, we gather-round the galley table, refueling ourselves on gratitude and grace for the moment, the purpose, the bountiful Alaskan waters, the pursuit. Thank you ocean, thank you fish…

Cedar Planked Salmon

…Back on terra firma after the sun-up-to-sun-down-and-then-some commercial fishing season has come to an end, my partner Taran and I bring a small portion of our catch home, sharing our pursuit with the local community we love.

Grilled Salmon

This abundance of salmon is one of which we too never tire! The secret: try different recipes, utilize what’s seasonal, draw inspiration from global cuisine. Switch. It. Up.

Mushroom Gremolata

There are so many ways to plate wild salmon, and we are always eager to pull ideas from our customers who have their favorite go-to’s and know-how’s. This particular recipe was inspired by one of our lovely Thunder’s Catch customers, Terry, who shared with me her recipe for a Mushroom Gremolata. I adapted it here, and paired it with my take on one of our favorite rubs, Tom Douglas’ Rub With Love – forever a galley staple on the F/V Thunder.

Salmon Rub

Stay wild, good friends…and bon appétit! – KB.

Kara is a fisherman and Co-Founder of Thunder’s Catch Seafood, owned and operated out of Sandpoint, Idaho. When she’s not fish mongering her Alaskan salmon, she’s likely hiking uphill, skiing down it, or off searching for the most authentic local cuisine while traveling abroad.


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