Grilled Bass Sandwich

Grilled Largemouth Bass with Baguette, Butter and Lemon

This recipe contains very few ingredients, making it easy to follow while out camping or hanging out by the lake.

*Tip – For less mess, place the fish underwater while removing the scales.

Serves - 4                                   Total time – 25 minutes




  1. Light a charcoal grill and let the flames die down, when the red coals have developed place the lid on the grill.
  2. Make an incision along the belly of the fish, remove the guts and gills.
  3. Use the back of a knife or a fish scaler to remove the scales by scraping from the tail to the head end, rinse the fish well and trim off the fins.
  4. Lay the fish flat on a board, use a sharp knife to make an incision behind the head towards the spine. With the knife parallel to the board, slice towards the tail to remove the filet, turn over and repeat, do the same with the other bass.
  5. Season both sides of the fillets with salt and pepper, score the skin to prevent curling and place them on the grill skin side down. Cook for 2 minutes.
  6. Cut the lemon in half and place on the grill flesh side down.
  7. Turn the fish over and add the smoking chips to one side of the coals, replace the lid and cook for a further 2 minutes.
  8. Cut the baguette into four pieces, butter each piece and fill with one bass filet, serve with plenty of fresh squeezed lemon juice.

*Chef Matt used this recipe on freshly caught bass out on the lake (his first bass-fishing experience). Click here to read about the adventure!

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