Grilling Wraps

Grilling Wraps

Wrap it up in a blanket of wood to get smokey flavor in every inch of your meal.

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Additional Grilling Wrap Information

What are Grilling Wraps? 
Grilling wraps (sometimes called grilling papers), are very thin slices of wood used to wrap your foods for use on the grill or in the oven. In doing this you add an abundance of fresh, wood flavor into your meats and vegetables.

What Grilling Wraps do we Offer?
Currently we offer cedar grilling wraps as well as alder grilling wraps. These two wood flavors are great for use with a very wide variety of meats and other foods.

Why Buy our Grilling Papers?
Our grilling papers are very high-quality, and you will find that our papers will outperform any other that you’ve used. We also include wrapping twine with all of our wraps, so you don’t have to source your own.

All of our products are sourced, manufactured and in the USA! All made in our very own certified, food safe facility. We will also never use any additives, chemicals or dyes.