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Cedar & Cherry Grilling Plank Variety 6 Pack

Cedar & Cherry Grilling Plank Variety 6 Pack

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This bundle includes 3 of Cherry Grilling Planks and 3 Cedar Grilling Planks, each measuring at 5"x11". They provide delicious smoky flavor to your grilled foods. Cherry pairs well with chicken, turkey, beef, fruits (peaches are great!), vegetables and more! Cedar is the most well known plank flavor and pairs well with salmon, chicken, pork chops and steak. Our planks have a proven track record, and you won't be disappointed!

Product Details:

  • These Grilling Planks will fit 2-4 servings of salmon. If you are looking to plank an entire salmon filet at once, please take a look at our other, oversized planks.
  • These planks are sourced, manufactured and packaged in the USA in a food-safety certified facility! There are no additives and no chemicals.
  • The wood is untreated to give you that natural wood smoke flavor.
  • To add a spicy, fragrant flavor to food naturally, use these planks on the grill or in the oven.

Get cooking and impress your friends and family, add our Cherry and Cedar Variety Pack to your cart today!

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