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Cedar Grilling Plank Party Pack - 12 Planks in 3 Sizes

Cedar Grilling Plank Party Pack - 12 Planks in 3 Sizes

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This bundle includes 12 Cedar Grilling Planks, in 3 different sizes. They provide delicious smoky flavor to your grilled foods. Cedar provides a wonderful, smokey flavor that is pairs well with salmon, chicken, pork chops, steak, desserts and much more!. Our planks have a proven track record, and you won't be disappointed!

Plank Sizes:

  • 4 - XL 7x15" Party Portion Planks
  • 4 - 7x11" Multi Portion Planks
  • 4 - 4x7" Single Portion Planks

Product Details:

  • This is the perfect fit for your next party! You normally grill multiple foods, which means that 1 size does not necessarily fit all. These are perfect for cooking main portions (such as salmon fillets), sides and appetizers all at once.
  • These planks are sourced, manufactured and packaged in the USA in a food-safety certified facility! There are no additives and no chemicals.
  • The wood is untreated to give you that natural wood smoke flavor.
  • To add a spicy, fragrant flavor to food naturally, use these planks on the grill or in the oven.

Get cooking and impress your friends and family, add our Cedar Grilling Planks to your cart today!

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