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Cedar Planks for Grilling Salmon - 5x11" Retail 6 Pack

Cedar Planks for Grilling Salmon - 5x11" Retail 6 Pack

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These planks are certified food-safe and come at a great discount price point! Don't buy planks that were processed in questionable environments. Each plank fits approximately 2 to 4 servings, making them perfect for a weeknight meal with the family. Because these are not made to fit full fillets of salmon, you don't have to use a huge plank for just a couple servings, meaning less wasted plank space. Includes:

Product Highlights:

  • Each Plank fits 2-4 servings. Please select one of our larger sizes to fit a whole salmon.
  • Manufactured in a Food-Safety Certified Facility.
  • No additives or Chemicals.
  • Untreated to Give Natural Smoke Flavor.
  • For Use in the Grill or Oven.
  • Sourced, Manufactured and Packaged in the USA
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