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Kiln-Dried Cedar Kindling in Medium Hearth Box

Kiln-Dried Cedar Kindling in Medium Hearth Box

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Every good fire needs 3 types of fuel.

  • Tinder: Catches those first sparks to get the first flames started.
  • Kindling: Builds those initial flames, heat and coals.
  • Fuel Logs (Firewood): Once ignited, holds the flame and produces heat up to several hours.

Kindling is a necessary bridge to transfer fire and heat from tinder to larger firewood. With it’s nicely designed Hearth Box, Wildwood Kindling will look great sitting next to the fireplace in anyone’s home. Alternatively, the 11.5x9.5x7.5” box is the perfect size to throw in your car and take with you on your next adventure into the great outdoors. 

Wildwood Kindling is free of dirt and debris, making for no-mess storage. It is 100% free of any chemicals or additives, so you can feel good about burning this kindling in your home or yard. 

Support local business by buying Wildwood Kindling. Our kindling is 100% sourced, manufactured and packaged in the United States. Other leading kindling brands can’t say the same. 

*Since thicknesses of kindling can vary, this box can contain roughly between 40-100 11" pieces.

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