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The Ultimate Hunting Gift Set

The Ultimate Hunting Gift Set

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This is the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves to hunt! In the gift box you will find:

  • Smoker Box
  • Digital Instant Thermometer
  • Wildwood Grilling 7x11" Cedar Plank 2 Pack
  • Wildwood Grilling 5x11" Hickory Plank 2 Pack
  • Wildwood Grilling 5x11" Cedar Plank 2 Pack - Branded with "Gone Hunting"
  • 1 Bag Wildwood Grilling Hickory Smoking Chips
  • American Jerk Spice Rub
  • Instructions

Smoker box: This smoker box is 9.25" wide, 4" deep and 1.75" tall. Insert your smoking chips into the box, close the lid and place in your grill.

Grilling Planks: Soak in hot tap water for at least 15 minutes. Place food on plank and grill as normal. Keep a spray bottle on hand to douse any flare-ups!

Smoking Chips: This bag contains 180 cubic inches of chips, giving you enough to grill multiple times.

American Jerk Spice Rub Seasoning: Wildwood Grilling's executive chef has created his very own, unique blend of spices, perfect for wild game and beef. Weighing in at 6 ounces, this seasoning is Mildly spicy and sweet with a deep undertone of earthy espresso.

How-To's: Instructions for grilling planks and smoking chips are included.

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