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Grilling Gift Ideas

Looking for fun and unique gift ideas for a friend or family member? Well you're in luck! We offer a wide variety of great gift ideas here at Wildwood Grilling Outlet!

The first place to start, is knowing a few details about the person you're buying a gift for. What kind of grills do they own? Do they ever use barrel or pit smokers? Would you consider them a grilling master, or are they just getting started? No matter their cooking style or experience, we have the perfect products for anyone.

1) Grill Master Collection

Whether they are just getting into grilling or have already been doing it for ages, our Grill Master Collection is the perfect grilling gift set for anyone! It features 5 different flavors of grilling planks (cedar, cherry, alder, maple and hickory), cherry smoking chips and hickory smoking chips. Each plank gives a very unique flavor and are very easy to use! In addition, smoking chips can easily be used in gas and charcoal grills by making a simple pouch out of tinfoil.

*Bonus: If your giftee decides that BBQ'ing isn't "their thing", planks can always be used in the oven as well!


Grilling Gift Set

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2) Plank Master Essentials Kit

This kit is similar to the Grill Master Collection, except that instead of smoking chips, you will receive 2 flavors of grilling wraps, alder and cedar.
plank master essentials

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3) Grilling Plank Sampler 30 Pack

Do they already use grilling planks often? Maybe they have used cedar planks but have yet to try a variety of flavors. Our 5x11" Grilling Plank Sampler pack contains 6 each of five flavors: cedar, hickory, maple, cherry and red oak.

Grilling Plank Sampler

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4) Grilling Wraps

Grilling wraps are extremely easy to use! All you need to do is soak them in warm water for 5 minutes, wrap around your food and tie it closed with butcher twine. They are extremely versatile and can be used with a wide variety of foods such as fish, chicken veggies, fruits and more! We currently offer cedar and alder grilling wraps.

Grilling Wraps

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5) Smoking Blocks

If the person you know uses a pit smoker, barrel smoker or even just a charcoal grill, smoking blocks are an extremely easy way to add delicious smoky flavor to any meal! On a charcoal grill, simply add a handful of smoking blocks when you're ready to add your food. It's that easy.
Smoking chunks

Our Smoking Block Offerings

6) XL 7x15" Grilling Planks

Does this person love to grill entire salmon fillets? Or do they regularly cook large meals for family or friends? 7x15" might be the perfect sized planks for them. Our best seller is cedar, but these are also available in cherry, alder and maple as well.
extra large cedar planks

7x15" Plank Selection

7) Cedar Kindling

Chances are, you know several people who use wood stoves to heat their homes. Cutting firewood into kindling can be a bit of a nuisance, especially on those chilly winter days. Why not take off some burden off of your loved one with pre-cut, kiln dried cedar kindling.  

cedar kindling

8) Gifts for a chef or adventurous home cook

Check out this gift guide just for them!

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