Bulk Grilling Planks for Restaurants and Catering

Are you on the hunt for food service grilling planks? You found them.

  • If your restaurant or catering company has a cedar-planked dish on the menu, and you’re not getting your planks from us, there’s a good chance you’re overpaying.
  • If you are considering purchasing bulk cedar grilling planks for your restaurant, but have yet to try any, then this is information you will want to hear as well.

What We Make

We offer a wide variety of bulk restaurant grilling planks and grilling planks for chefs at factory prices. We own the factory! We can provide you with the quality you need to serve your customers, all while guaranteeing a food safe item and USA-based customer service. 

We carry several different sizes that cater to restaurants and well, caterers. We offer single serving grilling planks that can accommodate a 4-6oz piece of fish and that look natural on a dinner plate. We also offer large, bulk salmon cedar planks that you can roast a fillet of salmon on and the put in a hotel pan for catering events.

Catering Salmon

King Salmon on Plank


Deep Discounts

You may be wondering how we are able to provide a steady stream of discounted planks and wraps. The main reason we are able to provide this is because we have our own mill. While serving large customers we often end up with perfectly good leftovers. Here at Wildwood Grilling we are all about being green. Instead of throwing leftovers away, we decided it would be best to offer these various sized planks at deeply discounted prices.

Why our Planks are Superior

All of our catering grilling planks sold on this site are made in the USA from materials that are sustainably sourced in the Pacific Northwest. We make all of the products sold on this site at our certified food-safe facility in our Sandpoint, ID facility. They are 100% raw, untreated, natural, wood.

What Makes Us Different than our Competitors

This one is easy; our Customer Service. Based in a small town, our staff is full of very friendly people that are willing to help you out with anything you need. We treat every customer the same, whether they are a customer placing a smaller, one-time order, or they are one of our larger clients. We will do our best to keep our customers happy.

Shipping Options

Shipping prices can make or break a deal. This is why we offer free shipping on all orders over $35. This means you can make smaller purchases without having to worry about shipping charges anywhere in the “lower 48.”

We also offer overnight shipping for those times when you just realized you ran out of planks and you need more in a hurry. We realize this happens in the Food Service Industry and are happy to get you the planks you need, when you need them.

If you have any questions about what we offer, or about any item specifically, feel free to chat with our Customer Service representatives via the chat box, e-mail, or give them a call. All of these options are provided at the bottom of any page.

100 - 3.5x7" Cedar Planks - $39.99
 Bulk Cedar Grilling Planks

50 - 3.5x7" Cedar Grilling Planks - $24.99
50 3.5x5" cedar planks

20 - 7x15" XL Cedar Grilling Planks - $36.99 + Free Shipping
Inexpensive Large Grilling Planks
25 - 8x7.25" Cedar Grilling Wraps - $13.99


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