Grilling Planks

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What We Offer

Here at we offer a wide variety of bulk grilling planks. Many of them are considered “seconds” from our parent website. This means that they might have very slight cracks, knots in the planks, tilted logos, etc. This by no means affects the performance of the planks or the flavors given to food. This is actually good for you, because now you can purchase bulk grilling planks at a fraction of normal, retail price! These are perfect cheap grilling planks for restaurants or someone who grills weekly.

What is a Grilling Plank

Grilling planks are a great way to cook foods (especially meats), and many people have never heard of them. We believe they are the absolute best way to prepare many different foods, so we want to spread the news about grilling planks wherever we can!

In short, a grilling plank is a slab of wood that is used when cooking, that transfers natural wood flavors into your favorite foods. Planks are soaked in water until the wood has absorbed as much moisture as it will allow. When put over heat, the moisture will start to evaporate out of the plank and into the food, bringing the aromas and flavors of the wood with it. You will find that your meats will be much more juicy and flavorful when grilling on a plank.

How to use Grill Planks on the Barbecue

Grill planks are not very labor-intensive. All you need to do is soak the plank in hot tap water for 15-20 minutes, place on the grill, and place your desired food on top. Make sure to keep the plank off the grill while it is pre-heating.

There are a few methods of cooking. First, you can use in indirect heat. The longer the food is cooked, the more time the flavors of the wood have to soak in. Another method is putting an empty plank above direct fire. Once it is charred, flip it over, place in indirect heat and place your food on top. You may also cook directly above direct heat; the choice is all yours. Whatever method you use, be sure to keep a spray bottle of water nearby. With open flames and wood, there is always possibility of a flare-up.

Other Ways to Cook with Grilling Planks

One question we often receive, is “Can I use grilling planks in the oven?” Although the most popular way of using grilling planks is on the grill, not everyone has that luxury. Many people do not own a grill, or those that do may run out of gas or charcoal without time to refill.

The answer to this question is Yes! Baking food on grilling planks is another great way to prepare food. The ideal cooking temperature is between 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the optimal temperature in which moisture in the wood is released, in turn creating juicy, tender and more flavorful food. Any cooler, and the moisture does not escape the plank well, and much hotter, the moisture is released too quickly.

Notes: Make sure to place tin foil or a baking sheet on a bottom rack to catch any drippings. Do not place this directly under the plank, because it will restrict air flow and ventilation around the plank. Although there are no open flames with baking, it is still good practice to keep a water bottle nearby.

Flavor Options

At Wildwood Grilling Outlet we carry cedar, alder, maple, hickory, cherry and red oak grilling planks. When it comes to pairing foods on different planks, there is no “wrong” pair. Ultimately you will decide which flavors you prefer with which foods. We will go more into-depth in each different collection page, however here is a little bit of a run-down in case you would like to know where to start.

Western Red Cedar – By far the most common grilling plank. Use with fish (especially salmon), seafoods, vegetables and more.
Alder – Use with whitefish, seafood, vegetables and fruit.
Maple – Pork, bacon, pizza, cheeses, pineapple and fruit.
Hickory – Produces a strong, distinct flavor. Pairs well with beef, lamb, wild game, bacon, mushrooms and fruits.
Cherry – Chicken, turkey, fruits (peaches are great!) and vegetables.
Red Oak – Beef, wild game, pork, lamb and fish.

Where and How They are Made

All our products are sourced, manufactured and packaged in the USA, in our very own facilities. That’s right, we own the production plant, which means we can cut out the cost of middlemen and pass those savings on to you. Our headquarters are located in the panhandle of Idaho.

Additional Details

Our products are manufactured in a certified, food grade facility. We use only raw woods and will never use any additives or chemicals. We also use “branded” logos so that no ink is absorbed into the wood.

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